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Jessie's Place provides financial support and comprehensive social services to children and adults with mental and physical challenges. There are many families in the rural community of Gisenyi, Rwanda that are severely impoverished. These families live in substandard conditions, for example, shelter without rooftops, unsafe water, and a limited food supply. Many children are chronically malnourished, and numerous families have children with special needs. 

Jessie's Place provides hope and joy to these families as they gain the experience and skills needed to empower themselves and become increasingly self-sufficient. In the past in Rwanda, challenged children were locked away in their homes. Jessie's Place helps to bring these children out to integrate with the able-bodied. Many children have learned activities of daily living, found joy in singing and dancing, and some have even learned to walk for the first time. 

Proud Co-op Moms
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Boy with Down  2
Co-op Women Singing

Co-op Women Singing

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